Transformational insurance workflow technology

End-to-end claims solutions

Access, analyse and action all claims and data in one place, with total transparency and complete control.

Power your business with Synergy Cloud

Actively apply policy data throughout the entire claim journey with unparalleled control and oversight throughout.

Eradicate leakage by enforcing policy limits and exclusions from desk topping through to adjusters, validators and tradespeople on site.

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Manage variation orders, and spot trends and outliers in real time to reduce disruption or delays

Calculate and automatically check costs and fees against cover limits and reserves

Efficient and consistent customer service with live, accurate decision making against policy data

Transparent, direct management of fully integrated supply chains

Central management and oversight of all supplier networks - reducing leakage and indemnity spend.

Provide a more efficient, direct customer service - reducing claim lifecycles and leakage to lower costs

Omni-channel access to all information through a single sign - an effortless experience for all parties

Excellent communication and collaboration tools allow many suppliers to act as one team

Multi-discipline networks are centrally stored and accessed for easy management and responsive modelling of coverage

One reporting suite for all data and trend analysis

Complete and granular oversight of all claims, perils, supply chains and customers.

Account and analyse every cost, with every supplier, on every commodity, under every claim

Consolidated end-to-end data for underwriting teams provides exceptional levels of information and insight for future business portfolios

Trend analysis on any variable including; situational, customer behaviour, peril, location, building type and cost

Complete control and flexibility at every step

React to change instantly with extensive configuration options – no development required.
Claim Workflow
Synergy Smart Activation
Apply Surge Workflow
Tag Claim to Surge Event
Maximise Efficiency
Mange Volume
Maintain Control
Compare Data
Data Capture
Synergy Smart Activation
Self Service Notification of Loss
Customer Identification
Incident Details
Policy Verification
Faster Decisions
Synergy Smart Activation
Virtual Validation
Site Visit
Report Review
Validation Report

Customise question sets and capture data to feed into strategic business objectives

Configure individual milestones, limits and approvals throughout for maximum control

Set up surge specific workflows to action instantly, empowering supply chains and gathering comparative performance data

A truly effortless Customer Experience

Providing full transparency for all parties with a single login.

One system, one subscription, one simple cost.

No capital expenditure. No hidden costs. No delays.
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Get up and running in weeks with an extensive library of configuration data designed by experienced claims specialists.

No need for complex and expensive single sign-on development work -instant integration with systems like Office 365.

Cloud-based technology means no installation process, faster setup than any other provider and secure, centralised data storage.

Integration with major identity providers for a seamless login experience, with support for Google, Facebook and more.

Onboarding support for your teams and step-by-step training guide.

Absolutely no layered costs or hidden charges; regardless of supplier network usage.